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Women in Australia who embrace modest fashion and look for a long dress or Abayas online in Australia suitable for every season can now enjoy exceptional ease and comfort. At The Hijab Company, we've thoughtfully curated a wide collection of Abaya, Jilbab, and Kaftan, making sure that all women from every culture in Australia have a diverse range of options available. 

With the convenience of doorstep delivery, your modest clothing journey is made effortless and easy. You can explore our range from the comfort of your own home, knowing that you have access to a selection of abaya dresses and long dresses that not only provide coverage and modesty but also celebrate your style. 

Abayas & Long Sleeve Modest Dresses for Muslim Women 

We believe that Abayas are a fashion statement too whilst also keeping the modesty, that’s what The Hijab Company’s variety of Abayas is all about! They’re made with the finest fabric and the best material for all abaya styles, long formal dresses, and kaftan that is made to last and flaunt over events and occasions where your style statement calls out to be classy. The Hijab Company is one of the best Abaya dress shops in Australia. Abaya for women belonging to all cultures can be found in our collections online.

Wearing only one-style Abayas might sometimes get boring for you and we completely know that. Hence The Hijab Co. has come up with various Abaya designs, long sleeve dress, and maxi dresses for women in Australia to level up your occasional and formal wear. It aims to highlight and draw focus over style with its trendy look ensuring to make this one-stop-shop for Abayas online in Australia. Our latest Abaya designs 2023 are available online at the best Abaya prices in Australia. In case you’re wondering what is an abaya, trends for fancy abaya, summer maxi dress, satin maxi dress, Muslim abaya or abaya gowns then we have them all in one place! 

Modest Long Sleeve Maxi Dresses in Australia:

The Hijab Company’s Abayas and formal maxi dress aims to add a creative sight to your entire look with the perfect mix and match of colors while bringing an oomph to your overall daily outfit. At our online store, your perfect print to be carried absolutely anywhere is always available. Abaya online shopping in Australia is no longer a hard task with such variety available here in abaya fashion trends.

Our luxurious Abaya and Maxi dresses for women uplift your everyday and formal wear with a durable drape and loose fit cut while adding an extra touch of sophistication. The Hijab Company assures these abaya designs complement the lush drape, with beautiful hues including neutral and solid colors that you’re ready to flaunt! Jilbab and Khimar collection at The Hijab Co radiates sophistication with the eternal silhouette drape that you’re looking for! It’s made with middle-weight Nida fabric to bring in the feminine and elegant flow to your abaya or long dress. Pair your Jilbabs and Khimar with neutral or solid colors of Hijab and you’re all set to go!     

Our Coat Style Abaya dress is front open forma-leisure wear for the perfect modern look. Designed for occasions and everyday wear with embroidery and delicate prints on the front and the sleeves. Made with Nida fabric and stitched to perfection to make your daily wear comfiest yet trendy. We decided to do something extraordinary with the classy Nida Fabric so we got our maestros to carve excellence with thread and the needle. Tailored to perfection from needlework to designs, The Hijab Company’s Embroidered Abayas are just what it takes to perfect sophistication itself!

Embroidered abayas, front open abayas, long maxi dress, and Coat style abayas are some of the best semi-formal and occasional event options for giving the entire look a classy appearance.

Abayas like Evening Gowns & Formal Dresses

These are the trendiest Abayas and evening gowns for women in our online Abaya shop in Australia with maxi style abaya and front open abaya online available at our online store. They are made with middle-weight Nida fabric to bring a feminine and graceful flow to your abaya and formal dresses. In the same way, the Abaya Style 2023 calls out to be trendy and comfy at all times.

Butterfly Abaya gives the flare and flawless fall that’s perfect for all events. Arabic Abaya styles are one of the vintage designs that’s always trending. All the new abaya style are the stylish abaya designs that are always trending in Australia. Some of the most stylish Abaya and long sleeve formal dresses in modest wear are the jilbab abaya, khimar Australia, and black long sleeve dress

For fashion enthusiasts who enjoy adding a splash of color to their Abaya and dress collection, we offer a vast range of hues to choose from. Whether you're on the hunt for a timeless long black dress, a pristine long white dress, a green maxi dress, or a bright red maxi dress, our online Abaya shop includes a huge selection, ensuring there's a shade for every occasion.

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