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Sarah Johnson
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Erol Ahmed
I got this for Christmas and have used it many times. I love cooking in the 7 inch pan. It creates an even cooking area. 
Rikki Chan
Grabbed this for a bikepacking trip with a group of five and this did all of the cooking and coffee-ing for all of us


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asked questions

Will my tritan bottle sweat?

Yes. Condensation occurs when warm air collides with cold surfaces. If your bottle is filled with ice cold liquids condensation will form on the bottle as would a glass of ice water.

Can i put my takeya bottle in the dishwasher?

Most of our bottles are dishwasher safe. Note, however, that harsh detergents and hot water may affect the appearance of your bottle over prolonged use. The only bottles that are not dishwasher safe are painted bottles - Brushed Stainless Steel, Rose Gold and Slate.

Can i put carbonated beverages in my bottle?

Yes, you can put carbonated beverages in your double-wall stainless steel bottles. However, we urge you to use carefully as carbonated beverages in an airtight container may cause a build-up of pressure which could cause your bottle to leak or the liquid to splash out unexpectedly when you open your bottle. Use with caution.

Will my bottle fit in a cupholder?

Car cupholders range in sizes. In order to best estimate if your Takeya Bottle or Tumbler will fit into the cupholder we recommend a Bottle or Tumbler that is 3.15” or smaller.
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