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Eco-Luxe Scarves and Hijabs 

Our Viscose Hijab keep you comfortable throughout the day due to it’s soft, breathable, and skin-friendly fabric. The material viscose is lightweight enough to be carried all day long while you’re running errands or have a long working day. They’re generously sized and big enough to provide complete coverage to your head and neck, with a natural luxurious drape that comes effortlessly.

Eco-Luxe Scarf is non-slippery enough to make your Hijab style stay intact for all day long, allowing you to remain at ease and achieve a sleek appearance no matter where you are. They’re an ideal pick for formal to casual occasions, where you can style them effortlessly with all kinds of outfits. With multiple colors and an attractive range of hues, enjoy matching and contrasting them with all attires flawlessly!

Sustainable and Conscious Material Viscose Selection

The Hijab Company’s Viscose Scarves and Hijabs are made from 100% Viscose fabric, also known as Rayon. It’s finely extracted from the threads of wool pump fibers which makes these hijabs sustainable and environment friendly. Finley stitched with attention to detail, these hijabs are ideal for all kinds of weathers and that’s what makes them versatile enough to be styled every day.

We want you to stay hassle-free all day! 

Viscose fabric is sustainably produced with bamboo viscose fiber that has a soft, airy, and lightweight feel. This bamboo fiber provides built-in 50 UPF sun protection as well as anti-bacterial properties that keep the scalp breathing and skin to remain acne-free. The lightness of the fabric makes it ideal for voluminous as well as sleek hijab styles, without having the need to secure them with under-scarves or hijab magnets every time.

Minimized Fabric Wastage:

In our commitment to sustainable and responsible practices, we take pride in our efforts to minimize fabric wastage during the cutting process for scarves for women. With a careful approach towards efficient cutting, our hijabs utilize the use of every inch of fabric. By implementing strategic cutting techniques, we significantly reduce the amount of textile waste produced, contributing to an eco-friendly production process.

This not only aligns with our environmental values but also allows us to offer you high-quality head scarf wraps with a minimized carbon footprint. Embracing sustainable practices is not just a choice for us but is an integral part of our dedication to a greener and more responsible future in the world of modest fashion.

Easy to care fabric for the long run: 

Whether it’s a quick hand wash or a gentle machine cycle, our viscose hijabs retain their quality and vibrant colors, while remaining as good as new! 

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