Covid-19 Response

To The Worldwide Hijab Co. Family

The global spread of COVID-19 is affecting every one of us. At The Hijab Company, we are people first, and we do what we do with the belief that technology can change lives and the hope that it can be a valuable tool in a moment like this. Teachers are innovating to make remote lessons come alive. Companies are experimenting with new ways to stay productive. And medical experts can diagnose illnesses and reach millions with critical updates in the blink of an eye. We are all adapting and responding in our own way, and we urge everyone to Stay Home. Stay Safe.

But this global effort — to protect the most vulnerable, to study this virus, and to care for the sick — requires all our care, and all our participation. And I want to update you about the ways in which we are doing our part.

We're making sure to make it safe for you all

We have been ween working around the clock to implement safeguards in our workplace and fulfillment centers, and are pleased to say we feel confident in the steps we have taken… and as a result, Hijab Company’s online store is now open. We ask for your understanding during this time as you may experience delivery delays. Our thoughts remain with you and your families during the unprecedented time.

How we are helping to flatten the curve

Thankfully, The Hijab Company does not have any stores to close. We are caring for our employees by heeding precautions from the Centers for Disease Control, the World Health Organization and local governments. All our employees who can work from home are doing so.

Our fulfillment center

Our Fulfillment Center is in Karachi, and Sindh Government has issued a stay at home order requiring non-essential businesses to close for two weeks. Fortunately for our community, the Fulfillment Center remains open, as it is deemed an essential business. Employees there are quarantining at home when not at work; if they feel ill, they are instructed not to come to work. Moreover, our packing stations are six feet apart and dedicated to a single fulfillment officer to reduce the chance of exposure.

Our shipping services

So far, Trax Logistics and Leopards Courier domestic services have not been impacted. However, the international economy service along with DHL international services are experiencing delivery delays but are continuing to operate around the globe. Should there be any updates from any of our carriers we will keep you in the loop.

If you have any questions or concerns, just email We are also available via our social media platforms – Instagram and Facebook – to answer your questions.

Looking Ahead

There is no mistaking the challenge of this moment. The entire Hijab Company family is indebted to the heroic first responders, doctors, nurses, researchers,
public health experts and public servants globally who have given every ounce of their spirit to help the world meet this moment. We do not yet know with certainty when the greatest risk will be behind us.

And yet we have been inspired by the humanity and determination we have seen from all corners of our global community. As Ali Ibne Abi Talib (a.s) said:

“At the extremity of hardships comes relief, and at the tightening of the chains of tribulations comes ease”.

That’s always how The Hijab Company has chosen to meet big challenges. And it’s how we’ll rise to meet this one, too.

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